The work space interior plays a major role in influencing the emotions of owners, workforces & clienteles. It improves drive, increases productivity, boosts the brand name and forms client confidence. Renovating a space can be beneficial investment that will have a continuing influence on your company’s success.

Creating a design brief & floor plan
Light & Ventilation

1. Creating a design brief & floor plan – List out the purpose of each space in the office along with the number of users to be catered. The furniture can be re-arranged / removed or replaced for better circulation, interaction and focus as per requirement. Size & scale of each furniture item matters as it can either dominate the space or balance it.

2. Light & Ventilation – An office with suitable lighting and ventilation are the basics of a pleasant workplace. Thoughtful planning & execution of light fixtures will invite right energies to be creative.

Plan for unplanned ideas

3. Scent – Maintaining good indoor air quality through natural or artificial means can increase attentiveness which in turn, results in higher productivity rates. Lemon / citrus smells or cinnamon scent is great for improving performance on high-focus work and provides clarity.

4. Plan for unplanned ideas – Each individual evolves & improves with time – room for something new. Similarly, the office needs certain spaces left unplanned to be curated over a span of time by the users. It can be decorated with art pieces, floating shelves, storage ideas, mirrors, lamps, to fill over time with new ideas – which adds meaning to the space.

Exploring the local market

5. Planters – “I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.” – Anne Frank. People spend happier time in spaces with biophilic design i.e., connecting the user to nature. Selecting the right size and species of plant for a space is important for its growth depending on the amount of natural light.

6. Exploring the Local market – From basic to comprehensive, each new item can be acquired from local markets. It ranges from purchase of artwork to furniture from local vendors / community. This choice is important to create a sense of belonging, connecting to the community & supporting local economy.

6. Entrance approach – Entrance is the first indication for attracting clients, visitors or the workforce. It is the first visual narrative to your brand and it should be inviting and alluring at the same time.

We aim to create the kind of office space that encourages and excites people as they start their day. The dread of a low-energy dull space is transformed into an encouraging and productive environment.

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